Jordan Fleury

Intro to Design

Photoshop essay

What can Photoshop do?

                When asking the question, what can Photoshop do, it’s as if you are instead asking, what can everything do? What I mean when I say this is that there is no simple way to explain what Photoshop can do. It has a very broad use and to try and explain it word for word would be like writing a book rather that a short essay. I am very new to the realm of Photoshop, and my knowledge is very limited, so to give an accurate explanation, I took a few passages from the book “Teach Yourself Visually, Adobe Photoshop CS3”.

                Photoshop enables you to create, modify, combine, and optimize digital images. You can then save the images to print later or use online or on some sort of handheld device.  As the name suggests, Photoshop excels at editing digital photographs. You can use the program to make subtle changes, such as adjusting the color in a digital photo or scanned print, or you can use its elaborate filters to make your snapshots look like abstract art. Photoshop has a large selection of tools to aid you in manipulating your images from simply magnifying and minimizing, all the way to recording and playing actions.

(All of this information can be found in “Teach Yourself Visually, Adobe Photoshop CS3” on pages 4-5)